Darlingly Different & Proud

Are you truly happy for others and what is coming into their lives? Or are you happy deep deep down for them and at the same time rolling your eyes when another one of your single friends gets a boyfriend, or your friend tells you she is pregnant, or engaged or their business has taken off to a new level? What if you were so happy with where you are and what you are doing that seeing and hearing other peoples wins in life caused for a true celebration in yours too! Yum what an awesome place to be in! … More Darlingly Different & Proud

Inspirational Women in Business – Liv Lundelius

An inspirational story about Liv Lundelius, an international bridal and editorial makeup artist and successful organic beauty blogger – Liv Life Mag. She is my mentor in makeup artistry, an extraordinary entrepreneur and continuously inspires me to live consciously, healthily and wholeheartedly, to have faith in my abilities and create a life of my dreams. … More Inspirational Women in Business – Liv Lundelius

Raindrops on Roses & Whiskers on Kittens

Natural Skin Care and Soaps by Toby and Rosie. Their story started from love and their products are made with love, all hand made by them, straight from the heart. With each batch they make sure their focus is on sustainability, protecting mother earth and providing purely natural nourishing products, with their raw ingredients sourced locally as possible. … More Raindrops on Roses & Whiskers on Kittens

Wintery Paws

With the crisp drying wintery air and cosy heaters drying out our skin, we do need help to keep our precious paws hydrated and in tiptop condition. Think about all the beautiful ways we use our hands, feeding and nourishing ourselves, tickling little tummies, wiping tears away from a loved one, making and creating things, they help us communicate. No one likes being massaged with sandpaper hands! … More Wintery Paws